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Wire Wound Fin Tubes

This is our star product and gives a very compact air cooled heat exchanger. Here the fins consist of wire loops that are both fastened and soldered to the tube. A specially flattened wire that runs through the base of the wire loop fins does this fastening.

This wire holds in place and the solder bonds the loops. This gives 100% fin efficiency and the airside turbulence created by the looped wire fins gives an airside heat transfer coefficient 2-3 times that of helical fin tubes.

It is possible to further increase efficiency on the tubeside by 3-10 times by fitting internally with a wire Turbulator.


1. Compact design.
2. Lower overall airside pressure drop and hence lower power consumption.
3. Customizable fin density and height as per design requirements.

Can be offered in:

Tube material: CS, SS 316, 304, copper, Cupronickel, Aluminium brass.
Fin material: CS, Stainless Steel 304/316 or copper.
Tube outer diameter: 3/8", ½", 5/8", ¾" & 1"
Fin height: Maximum 13 mm.


Is designed for 180 degrees or 280 Centigrade maximum temperature use, depending on type of solder used. As Aluminium does not solder well, the tube or fin cannot be aluminium.

These are especially suitable for:

a) Steam air heating applications. This is because the wire fins having a high airside coefficient are able to best utilize the very high coefficient of condensing steam.

b) Water Heaters - Coolers once again the high coefficient is useful.

c) Oil coolers. Here to realize their full potential, they must be used together with turbulators produced by our Turbulator division.

d) Compact high strength but light weight heat exchangers to be used with equipment like Hydraulic Oil coolers, Lube Oil Coolers and assorted Oil and Water Coolers.

We have worked out a detailed study of their heat transfer capacity as compared to the standard L type fin tube. This information can be access on our

Steam Air Heaters section.
Oil Coolers

The relevant literature can also be downloaded from the following websites

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In our study we have isolated the airside and tube side coefficient and dealt with how to enhance both to get the optimum result.

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Currently over 90% of our production is directly exported to USA, Mexico, UK, Austria, Germany, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia. We are looking at developing meaningful partnerships all over the world.

-Devang Jhaveri, President, Concept Engineering International.

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