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Low / Integral Fin tubes


Our Low / Integral fin tubes are rolled on a high quality machine. We are also able to offer internal grooving.
Fins per inch: 19 FPI & 26FPI
Tube sizes:1/2", 5/8", 3/4" & 1" OD.
Tube Material: Copper, Cupro Nickel, Brass, Carbon Steel.

We offer a high quality tube made on accurate machines. We can offer them internally grooved. These tubes are very useful in Shell& Tube Exchangers under the following conditions.

1) When there is a condensing gas like steam on the shell side. The fins actually help by breaking the film and thus speeding up drop formation. This causes the condensate to drain away before it can form a film that would impede heat transfer.
2) When there is a need to increase the surface area on the shell side to match the higher coefficient on the tubeside.
3) The grooving inside the tube acts as a Turbulator increasing the tubeside Heat transfer also.

Design & Collaboration

We have a large and useful database along with the technical background and skills required.

In our study we have isolated the airside and tube side coefficient and dealt with how to enhance both to get the optimum result.
The relevant literature can also be downloaded from the following websites

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Concept Engineering

Currently over 90% of our production is directly exported to USA, Mexico, UK, Austria, Germany, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia. We are looking at developing meaningful partnerships all over the world.

-Devang Jhaveri, President, Concept Engineering International.

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